We believe in nerds.

The best technology is created by the experts in their field. The Fabrik Ecosystem is a community of startups and other technology providers that aims to bring together the best solutions.

By connecting their creations to the joint Fabrik API layer, Ecosystem members can join forces and combine their technology to create new offerings, providing value to their ultimate clients.

Irrespective of you being a startup, an established company or just someone with an idea: connect to our Fabrik Ecosystem and let's make it happen together.

Could this be you?
In the Fabrik Ecosystem

Startup with great tech
"My company is excellent in doing A, but with B our product would be much more powerful."
"We have the best technology and it would be great to bring it to more users."
"I want to focus on building my solution, not tedious selling."
  • • Join forces with other startups.
  • • Scale together.
  • • Let clients come to you.
• Join forces with other startups.

Our community is built to bring together the best technology providers and help them combine and bundle their solutions - which is easier when connecting to a joint Fabrik API layer. FinFabrik can also help with technical implementation questions outside your core area of expertise.
• Scale together.

Sometimes we see fantastic tech that is aimed at too small a problem or market. By joining the Fabrik Ecosystem and making your solution a Module on the Fabrik API layer, it can be combined with other services to appeal to a broader group. You get to unlock new growth horizons all while keeping your independence and staying in control.
• Let clients come to you.

FinFabrik advises companies in Financial Services and works to bring the latest technology to them. We don't want to do it alone. Whether you position your stand-alone product with large institutions or find startup partners in the Fabrik Ecosystem - FinFabrik aims to be a supplementary channel to bring your product to clients, in addition to your own sales efforts.

Nerd with an idea
"Building a startup is my dream, but for now I have to keep my day job."
"Everyone tells me my idea is exciting. I'm just not sure how to build a great company that can get funding."
"I have domain expertise and a product idea but it is impossible to find good technical co-founders."
  • • Be a Batman entrepreneur.
  • • Work with experienced company builders.
  • • Tap into our tech expertise.
• Be a Batman entrepreneur.

To be a successful entrepreneur you will have to go all-in. We understand that may not be possible from day one and it might better fit your situation to start out by working on your project during spare time hours and at night - just like our friend in the cape. The Fabrik Ecosystem increases your chances of success by offering a helping hand with getting started from scratch - and expertise to vet your idea.
• Work with experienced company builders.

We've done it before. And most importantly: we've failed at it before and know what it takes. By becoming a member of the Fabrik Ecosystem, you gain access to FinFabrik resources and all member companies. The community can actively help, ranging from tweaking your idea, finding co-founders, crafting pitch decks and website to connecting with legal support and investors.
• Tap into our tech expertise.

The challenge for non-technical founders is daunting: finding technology that you can trust, that is effective and affordable. FinFabrik offers enabling infrastructure, contacts to developers and deep tech experience to make your idea a reality. Ultimately, the aim is to find the perfect match to join your team.

Incumbent with a need
"It is challenging for us to keep up with the rapid technological changes in the industry."
"I'd really like to integrate some fresh features into our offering to excite clients. But how?"
"Change cycles are shortening for everyone. How can I induce a more innovative culture in my company?"
  • • Innovation-as-a-Service: delivered.
  • • The best technology startups, vetted for you.
  • • Plug into the startup world.
• Innovation-as-a-Service: delivered.

New technology to upgrade and expand your offering: all FinFabrik solutions - be it our own or from our community - come with IaaS built in. To keep our offering cutting-edge we invest into R&D and continuously expand our community and knowledge by scouting for the latest technology and ideas. All solutions are available to run in the cloud to bring higher flexibility and savings to your organisation.
• The best technology startups, vetted for you.

We aim to make membership in the Fabrik Ecosystem a seal of quality. Startups are either already proven in their market or go through thorough due diligence before joining. By being connected to the Fabrik API layer, startup technology can be efficiently integrated into your technical landscape and FinFabrik helps with customised integrations and a flexible SaaS setup.
• Plug into the startup world.

Cultural change is hard and takes time. By connecting to the Fabrik Ecosystem, your company can find exposure to the dynamic and innovative spirit of startups - and accelerate your journey. From partnerships to exchange programs and events, there are plenty of options that are beneficial to both, you as a client and our member startups.

The continually expanding Fabrik Ecosystem consists of startups and established companies, with their technology available to external partners. Are you interested in a collaboration or a specific technology?

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