CrossPool Private Equity Module is born

March 16, 2020

Releasing new features is always a nerve-wracking experience. It is a little bit like writing a new score that will premiere at an important festival. There is never a perfect time to ship a product though, we have to get on with it to learn, to correct, to enhance. Market interest and feedbacks are the two components we never tire of getting, in fact, we need a lot of them to continuously feed into our product development.

CrossPool version 1 went live under the radar last October; we successfully deployed three Proof-of-Concept projects: a secured loan, unsecured loan and equity participation into a film - Papicha which has recently won 2 Césars. We have been spending an incredible amount of energy planning, iterating, stressing over details to bring CrossPool to life as the mothership we have set in our minds.

We envisioned CrossPool (watch Our Journey) to be a market infrastructure used by institutions and exchanges to digitalise private capital markets. Our white-label solution empowers your contract, identity and transaction management on permissioned DLT, enabling smoother and more efficient private capital raising.

Imagine if your term sheets, identities and transactions were all digital and secured on a platform where you can set permissions on who sees what and when (pre and post transaction).

Imagine if your cap tables, business plans, financials, exit conditions were all in one secure place.

Imagine if your identity and credentials were in your full control, if interactions and agreements were enforceable in the courts of law.

We have spent a lot of time building the infrastructure (get CrossPool Factsheet) supporting all of the above. Today, we are releasing our first private equity module, which is a client application connected to the multi-assets CrossPool infrastructure and what you will experience is only the tip of the iceberg of the platform. In short, you have access to a central place of discovery where you can find interesting investment opportunities, you can review documents and depending on how far you get into the workflow, there are more advanced features such as subscription and payment, contract and identity management.

Be part of the journey of improving private capital markets.

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