Luc Froehlich joins FinFabrik as an advisor

November 27, 2019

Solving decade-long issues in asset management, together

We are thrilled to announce that Luc Froehlich joins the FinFabrik advisory board. Luc is currently the global head of fixed income products at a global tier-one asset manager and advises high potential fintech startups in Asia and the United States.

Florian M Spiegl, our co-founder & COO has remarked: “Having Luc join our board of senior industry advisors is magnificent. He combines a deep curiosity to explore beyond the status quo with his profound industry expertise. This is a very rare quality and it was clear from our first conversation that we will enjoy being on a shared mission: bringing the asset management sector to the digital age.”

We took the opportunity to chat with Luc on his appointment to the advisory board.

1. To start, can you tell us more about your background and where you see your strength? Would you tell us about yourself?

Luc: I have focused the past 20 years of my career on managing money for institutional and retail investors. I have dealt with various asset classes in fixed income, from bank loans to credit derivatives, and held different roles from credit analyst, trader to portfolio manager. My strength lies in having a practical understanding of how money is managed and what is useful for investors. This has allowed me to guide investors and it is now enabling me to help develop the next generation of financial instruments.

2. How did you hear about FinFabrik?

Luc: Back in 2017, I was mentoring fintech startups on a Hong Kong-based accelerator. The work was fascinating, but I quickly realised that many technologies were looking for a problem to solve. On the flip side, in my world, the asset management space, decade-long issues were still unaddressed. Then I came across FinFabrik. What resonated with me is that thanks to their previous experience in the finance industry, they had identified real problems and developed a smart technological solution to address them.

3. What did you see in FinFabrik that made you want to join them as an advisor?

Luc: The usefulness of FinFabrik’s technology convinced me, and I was confident in its potential. But what decided me to work with them is simply that I fell in love with their co-founders. It is intellectually rewarding to work with a successful company, but at the end of the day, you work with people. They are the main assets, not the technology, and if they also happen to be people you feel good around, it’s a double pleasure. Now with Alex and Florian, given their distinct approaches and personalities, I have got both sides of the rainbow, and this is gold.

4. What is your view on digital assets and the growing attention they are gaining?

Luc: Digital assets are a natural yet overdue evolution of traditional instruments. Most financial markets harbour significant, unnecessary and costly frictions. Digital assets and their infrastructure can solve those issues and hence deliver a better outcome for end-investors. But it is not only about reducing costs, it is also about increasing value. Tokenisation will provide a broader range of investors with access to currently still artificially restricted asset classes. This shall dramatically improve the quality of individual investment portfolios by increasing diversification and allowing hyper-tailorisation.

With the addition of Luc to our advisory board, we are accelerating the momentum towards modernising asset management and leading the democratisation of finance.

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