One platform. All the liquidity.

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CryptoFabrik is a cryptoassets trading platform for institutions and professionals

Financial firms run their trading business on one platform built with capital markets expertise to access deep liquidity and execute trades enabled by machine learning algorithms. CryptoFabrik ensures corporate readiness for the new blockchain-based asset class and supports both Cryptocurrencies and Digital Asset-Backed Securities, DABS.


  • Authentication and user management


  • Holdings, balances and inventory management


  • Cryptoasset pairs streaming
  • Liquidity aggregation


  • Order book and market activity
  • Cancel and amend orders
  • Limit and advanced orders


  • Block trading
  • Advanced strategies
  • Splicing algos


  • Transaction history
  • Notice of execution


Get the best weighted average price on every trade

Determined by machine learning algorithms, parent orders are optimally split into child orders and sent to multiple exchanges. Algorithmic execution at your service.

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1. Order

2. Algorithmic order splitting

3. Spliced order

Access to a wider range of liquidity sources

Capable to quote price for volume and volume for price

Maximised probability of filling orders

Adapts to different API key permissions

Full transparency on each order execution history


Tap into a broad range of markets and digital assets

CryptoFabrik taps into institutional accounts held by FinFabrik with leading exchanges worldwide to provide traders with superior liquidity in one place and low trading fees.

For questions and updates on connected exchanges and partnership requests, please reach out.


Access opportunity in one place

One unified and highly functional interface to cover the whole trading cycle from research to order entry and recent orders tracking.


Monitor and handle trade execution

A trade blotter to oversee live trades and each leg on different exchanges, amend or cancel orders, check price composition of filled orders and see trade history.


Keep the overview

Consolidated list of holdings across different assets in a consistent dashboard view. No need for manual spreadsheets or separate apps.


Bring trading services to clients

Enabling of brokerage business model via setup and management of segregated client sub-accounts, retail user trading and firm/ client book ledgers.


Access the full platform functionality directly

Entire feature set and functionality available via a set of APIs to enable machine access and act as execution infrastructure for algorithmic trading.


  • Authentication and user management


  • Holdings, balances and inventory management


  • Cryptoasset pairs streaming
  • Liquidity aggregation


  • Order book and market activity
  • Cancel and amend orders
  • Limit and advanced orders


  • Block trading
  • Advanced strategies
  • Splicing algos


  • Transaction history
  • Notice of execution


How it works

CryptoFabrik is a fully integrated trading platform utilising the latest trading technology frameworks and machine learning concepts.


Keeping your assets and data safe is first in importance and we apply state-of-the-art security procedures and governance.


  • CryptoFabrik connects with leading custodians and is additionally open to integrate with a custodian setup of your choice.
  • Traded assets can be transferred in pre-determined intervals from exchanges to your custodian or private solution.


  • We make sure all your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored in our private database.


  • CryptoFabrik adapts to different read/trade/withdrawal API key permissions.
  • You are in control of the platform’s access to your accounts.


  • We offer two-factor-authentication as a standard, so that your account can only be accessed through an extra layer of security.
  • We closely monitor IP addresses accessing your account, making sure you are protected against unusual login attempts.


Can I buy or trade real cryptocurrencies through CryptoFabrik?

Yes, you can send your orders through CryptoFabrik to the trading venue of your choice.
We will also offer alternative liquidity sources by providing an aggregated price feed from a broad range of exchanges so you can access their order books without having accounts with them. This feature is being released gradually to select users.

Which cryptocurrencies can I trade on CryptoFabrik?

You can trade most cryptoassets on the platform that your exchange accounts offer and support.
We are currently restricting tradeable pairs and daily add more. Do reach out if you are missing a particular asset so we can move it up on our list.

How is CryptoFabrik different from other crypto aggregators?

Our platform was designed from the ground up based on retail traders interviews and surveys. We have a more intuitive user interface, and a more user-centric flow for trading and portfolio management.

Do I have to store my cryptoassets with you to trade?

No, as an account aggregator, CryptoFabrik is here primarily to allow you a more effective access to your exchange accounts and wallets and you do not have to change your setup.
We highly recommend you to keep your assets on your private wallets and ideally on cold storage devices. We will soon allow you to manage all your wallets and devices from the platform.

Which exchanges is CryptoFabrik connected to?

CryptoFabrik is connected to:
- Kraken
- Binance
- Bitfinex
- Anx Pro
- Coinbase
- Bitstamp
- Bittrex
- Gemini
- Liquid
- Huobi
- Coinsuper
- Okcoin
- Kucoin
- Bequant

More to come, stay tuned!

Can I request for a specific exchange to be supported that is not yet on CryptoFabrik?

Absolutely, drop us a line at so we can add it to the list. Our developers working hard to add more features and support for more exchanges.

How do I connect my exchange accounts to CryptoFabrik?

To connect your exchange accounts with CryptoFabrik, go to “Holdings” page and click “Add Exchange” button. Enter your Private API Key, Username and Secret Key, and it is done!

How do I connect my wallet to CryptoFabrik?

Once you connect your exchange accounts, your personal exchange wallets will automatically be visible on the platform so you can keep an overview of where your assets are.
Capability to connect your private hot wallets and cold storage devices will be available in about 3 months. With that you will be able to keep an overview of all your holdings and easily transfer assets between storage venues. We are excited about this feature and will let you know as soon as it is ready.

Will CryptoFabrik provide a mobile version?

We prioritised building a trading platform on desktop at this stage, because majority of the serious cryptoasset investors we interviewed trade only on their desktops. Mobile is used only for performance tracking.

Is your market data in real time?

Yes, we provide all price and other information in real time, as it is published by the exchange or alternative market data source, all free of charge.

What is CryptoFabrik Best Execution (CBE) and the price feeder and smart order routing?

By default, CryptoFabrik allows you to access the liquidity on all supported exchanges through CryptoFabrik platform, see your balances and place orders.

Price feeder: We have corporate accounts with all major exchanges. We aggregate liquidity from these exchanges to offer you a price better than a single exchange, shown as CryptoFabrik Best Execution which in most cases will be better than what you can get from your own accounts. You can choose this price feed as one option to trade.

Smart order routing: CryptoFabrik split and routes orders that you place with us using our algo engine to optimize over the fill ratio and the executed price.

How do you secure my connection to you and to the exchanges?

CryptoFabrik offers two-factor-authentication (2FA) as a standard. We also encrypt your private keys to ensure a secure connection to and from the exchanges.

2FA is great but I have that already with my crypto exchange accounts. Does that mean that I have to go through 2FA for all my exchanges every time CryptoFabrik accesses accounts on my behalf?

By using APIs, CryptoFabrik is able to connect securely to your exchange accounts and perform certain actions triggered by you. For that, you do not have to go through 2FA each time, CryptoFabrik keeps things secure for you.

How can I be sure that you will not use my credentials and API key to withdraw funds from my wallets without my knowledge?

We never effect any transactions that were not triggered and confirmed by you.
We understand that giving access to your API keys is very sensitive and requires trust. Most of your exchange accounts will allow you to control the level of permissions via APIs. We encourage you to set the customisable read/trade/transact API keys permissions accordingly.

This will allow you to test the platform while deciding on the permission levels that you are allow CryptoFabrik to do.

Transparency creates trust. If you have questions specifically on this, do reach out anytime.

I run a cryptoassets business and am interested in using your platform for that. How can I do that?

CryptoFabrik is available and live as a white label crypto brokerage platform for businesses and we are working on enabling features for crypto fund managers. Please drop us a note at

Is it possible to connect to CryptoFabrik via APIs?

It will be possible to connect with CryptoFabrik using our APIs so you can run your own applications using our infrastructure.

Is it possible to integrate CryptoFabrik functions into my existing trading platform?

Please get in touch to discuss further via

I have more questions. Where can I find more information about CryptoFabrik?

We would also love to hear from you at

I have some feedback on the platform or requests for new functions. How can I get in touch?

We LOVE your feedback and we are interested in your view on which features are missing. Please get in touch on any of the channels offered below or simply drop us a line at