.... WORK  WITH  US .. 並肩工作 .. 並肩工作 ....

.... People choose different paths at different times. Join us to create a new one together. .. 人們因著時間選擇有所不同。 加入我們創造一条新的路徑吧。 .. 人们因着时间选择有所不同。加入我们创造一条新的路径吧。 ....



.... MORE  THAN  A  COMPANY .. 不僅是家公司 .. 不仅是家公司 ....

.... FinFabrik started with three people and a whiteboard. From our early days we were seen as contrarian thinkers and we were not always able to fit our vision to existing reference frames of financial markets thinking. Up to this day we take it as motivation to let our solutions speak for themselves and continue to strive for audacious goals. .. FinFabrik以三個人和一個白板起家。 我們被視為逆向思考者,我們的願景和現存的金融市場框架往往大相徑庭。然而,一直以來,它是我們持續努力實現大膽目標的依歸,我們以此為傲。 .. FinFabrik以三个人和一个白板起家。我们被视为逆向思考者,我们的愿景和现存的金融市场框架往往大相径庭。然而,一直以来,它是我们持续努力实现大胆目标的依归,我们以此為傲。 ....

.... To get there, we remove restrictions to create freely. In a flat hierarchy, we work on flexible time and location and empower people to take decisions. .. 為實現這一目標,我們摒棄窒礙創作自由的屏障。堅持扁平的企業層級,靈活地使用時間和空間, 賦權團隊作出決策。 .. 为实现这一目标,我们摒弃窒碍创作自由的屏障。坚持扁平的企业层级,灵活地使用时间和空间, 赋权团队作出决策。 ....

.... Freedom comes with accountability: we expect from each other highest quality work, adaptive thinking, the ambition to have an impact, contrarian views and to boldly push into unknown territory while maintaining vision and responsibility. .. 自由和責任是相輔相成的:我們期待彼此交付出最高品質的工作,適應性思維,求變的雄心,逆向觀點,並在保持願景和責任的同時大膽闖進未知的領域。 .. 自由和责任是相辅相成的:我们期待彼此交付出最高质量的工作,适应性思维,求变的雄心,逆向观点,并在保持愿景和责任的同时大胆闯进未知的领域。 ....


.... TOGETHER  WE  GO  FURTHER .. 一起走得更遠 .. 一起走得更远 ....

.... We have only built a fraction of what we envisage. Like anyone with great goals we know that we can’t do it alone. .. 我們只構建了構思的一小部分。正如任何要達成偉大目標的人一樣,我們深明這不是單獨能夠完成的事情。 .. 我们只构建了构思的一小部分。正如任何要达成伟大目标的人一样,我们深明这不是单独能够完成的事情。 ....

.... The people joining us are at the core of where we are today - and the central force driving us towards where we’ll be tomorrow. .. 今天加入成為核心一員成就我們明天的推進力量。 .. 今天加入成为核心一员成就我們明天的推进力量。 ....



.... GUIDEPOSTS  ALONG  THE  WAY .. 沿途指引標竿 .. 沿途指引标竿 ....

.... BE HUMBLE .. 謙虛 .. 谦虚 ....

.... Keep improving, be open to new ideas and curious to learn from everyone. .. 不斷進步,對新想法持開放態度,向每個人學習。 .. 不断进步,对新想法持开放态度,向每个人学习。 ....

.... BE DIRECT .. 直接 .. 直接 ....

.... Practise radical transparency, provide direct and constructive feedback. .. 實踐高度透明,提供直接和建設性的回饋。 .. 实践高度透明,提供直接和建设性的反馈。 ....

.... BE JOYFUL .. 愉悅 .. 愉悅 ....

.... Make our shared journey exciting, take time to reflect and recharge. .. 製造一趟激奮人心的旅程, 同時也需要停下來反思再出發。 .. 制造一趟激奋人心的旅程, 同時也需要停下來反思再出發。 ....

.... BE ACCOUNTABLE .. 責任 .. 责任 ....

.... Take ownership to drive outcomes, challenge yourself and the people around you. .. 挑起責任推動成果,挑戰自己和周圍的人。 .. 挑起责任推动成果,挑战自己和周围的人。 ....

.... BE PERSISTENT .. 堅毅 .. 堅毅 ....

.... Show resilience against setbacks, turn failures into part of our success story. .. 展現抵禦挫折的能力,將失敗變成我們成功案例的一部分。 .. 展现抵御挫折的能力,将失败变成我们成功故事的一部分。 ....

.... BE YOU .. 真我 .. 真我 ....

.... Stay true to yourself and never lose touch with where and how we began. .. 相信自己,永遠不要忘記初衷。 .. 相信自己,永远不要忘记初衷。 ....



Alex Medana

Co-Founder & CEO

Bala Lakkaraju

Software Developer

Ben McQuhae

General Counsel

Chi Zhang

Digital Assets
Technology Lead

Connie Ma

People & Communications

Emilie Trippel

UX Designer

Dr. Florian M Spiegl

Co-Founder & COO

George Stoica

Senior Developer

Hanna Lee

Finance & Admin Manager

Hanny Yeung

UX & Product Lead

Dr. Jing Wu

Principal Quantitative

Kaiyang Pan

Blockchain Technology

Lawrence Wong

Senior Software Developer

Marcel van der Vliet

& Senior Advisor

Martin Yeung

Senior Developer

Nicolas Teck

Lead Developer

Patricia Cisneros

Project Manager

Ryan Liew

Business Development

Siddharth Rao

Blockchain Developer

Dr. Seen Meng Chew

Research Advisor

William Wong

Product Manager


We are just getting started and there is much ahead of us to be built.

.... OUR ADVISORS .. 顧問團隊 .. 顾问团队 ....

Prof. Hui Li

Peking University Lab of National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure

Marco Abele

TEND Technologies

Alex Wong

China Soft Capital

Robert Koepp

The Economist Corporate Network

Jason J. Nabi

Senior Advisor
ex HSBC Securities

Luc Froehlich

Global Head of Investment Directing
   A global tier-one Asset Manager

.... JOB  OPENINGS .. 職位資訊 .. 職位信息 ....

Front-end Engineer - Permanent