Short Summary of Blockchain Classification

Charlie Zhang
February 17, 2018

Single Chain

One single block chain with all the transactions abiding by the same rules, such as Bitcoin


System involves in more than one chain with or without a central "master chain"

By Composition

  • Homogeneous:
    All chains abide by the same rules but with different data, such as Ardor
  • Heterogeneous:
    Each chain could have different rules and different data, such as Cosmos
  • Hybrid:
    Some chains are homogeneous and some chains are heterogeneous, such as Telegram TON

By Interoperability

  • Centralized or multisig notary schemes:
    Transactions take place on one chain with the validations carried out on another
    main chain or central chain, such as R3 Corda
  • Sidechains or Relays:
    Systems inside of one blockchain that can validate and read events and/or state in other blockchains, such as Rootstock
  • Hash-locking:
    Setting up operations on chain A and chain B that have the same trigger, usually the revelation of the preimage of a particular hash, such as Interledger and Lighting Network
  • Master Chain using PoS consensus with common API:
    This is more general and broader apply of the sidechain technology.  Normally sidechain is pegged to a "main" chain such as Bitcoin, whereas systems implementing this is a decentralized network of independent parallel blockchains, such as Cosmos, Polkadot and Telegram TON

Blockchains can be classified by accessibility and control as:

  • Public chains
  • Consortium/Permissioned chains
  • Private chains






  • 同质组合:
  • 异质组合:
  • 混合组合:
    一些区块链是同质的,一些区块链是异质的,例如Telegram TON


  • 单一或多重签名公证:
    交易在一条链上发生,签名验证在另一条主链或中心链上进行,例如R3 Corda
  • ä¾§é“¾æˆ–ä¸­ç»§ä¼ é€’ï¼š
  • 哈希锁:
    在链A和链Bä¸Šè®¾ç½®å…·æœ‰ç›¸åŒè§¦å‘çš„æ“ä½œï¼Œé€šå¸¸æ˜¯æ˜¾ç¤ºç‰¹å®šå“ˆå¸Œçš„é¢„æ˜ åƒï¼Œä¾‹å¦‚Interledger和Lighting Network
  • 采用PoS共识的主链结合通用API:
    这是侧链技术更通用和广泛的应用。通常情况下,侧链与比特币等主链相挂钩,而此类系统则是一个多条并行区块链互联的分散网络,例如Cosmos,Polkadot和Telegram TON


  • 公有链
  • 联盟/许可链
  • 私有链

Reference (参考资料):
Telegram TON whitepaper

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