FinFabrik seals collaboration with CityU professor Jing Wu on crypto quant research

September 13, 2018

HONG KONG (13 September 2018) FinFabrik is delighted to welcome Professor Jing Wu as a Principal Quantitative Researcher into our quant research team to strengthen and further diversify our quant strategies in cryptoassets. Prof Wu currently serves as a tenure-track assistant professor at City University of Hong Kong School of Business with a research concentration on machine learning, quantitative investment strategies and economic networks. In addition, Prof Wu is the Head of Research at the Blockchain Institute in Beijing, China (Liankuai Institute) where he has been leading research on government policymaking, cryptocurrency sentiment analysis and index construction, tokenisation and market microstructure of exchange platforms since 2017.

Prof Wu said, “Driven by the desire for a decentralised and democratic world, there are many exciting projects in the community, of course not all of which will succeed. Blockchain technology and tokenisation are revolutionary approaches yet still at its very early stage. We are young and driven. We have the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach our full potential, and the ability to unlock the next chapter in research.”

The collaboration will focus on data-driven crypto and token exchange quantitative research projects including market microstructure, investor sentiment as well as high-frequency trading, market-making and alpha-seeking algorithmic trading strategies. Further, by combining FinFabrik’s proprietary data and Prof Wu’s award-winning research capacity, the aim is to understand the market in blockchain assets better and generate high-quality research publications.

Chair Professor and Head of Management Sciences at City University of Hong Kong, Prof Frank Chen said, “I support this collaboration. I believe it provides an opportunity to explore the real-world applications of research in blockchain and fintech such as using proprietorial exchange data to conduct research into investor behaviour.”

This development reflects FinFabrik’s strong commitment to developing trading and investment technology solutions based on fundamental research and to bringing capital markets best practice into the cryptoassets class of instruments.

As Co-founder and COO, Dr Florian M Spiegl, stated, “FinFabrik delivers enterprise-grade trading and exchange technology to capital markets businesses. From the very beginning of our engagement in cryptoassets, we viewed this as an exciting new class of instruments for which the same requirements of professionalism apply. Basing the development of our solutions on research is a fundamental pillar of this strategy. We are very pleased to work with CityU and particularly Dr Wu.”

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